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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Little Experiment of Our Own.

In light of recent discoveries, and at the request of our shareholders here at Life Explained, have decided to come clean, and let you in on a little secret.  We have been conducting our own psychological experiments, on you, our loyal readers.

We would never think about trying something so controversial if it did not benefit all of mankind.  Each test was designed by our team of highly trained, well paid doctors who have been given a great amount of latitude in the implementation and control.  Also, they were given a generous retirement package, five weeks of paid vacation, stock options, a car, a driver, and a whole team of assistants, and free meals, not that we are bitter, but we can smell the acrid fumes of resentment, disappointment, and bias floating through the air.  Well, maybe we are a little bitter, or maybe somebody cooked their popcorn too long in the microwave again.  Hey can somebody get a can of air freshener, please?

So, if after reading one of the posts on here and you found it dull, boring, insufferably long, tedious, or mind numbingly rambling and pointless, that was our intent!  Oh sure, we could write witty entertaining articles with the best of them, and you would enjoy them immensely but that would nothing for the good of man.

So, if you find one of our posts exceedingly stupid, share it with all of your friends, the world needs your sacrifice.  You can start with this one.

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