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Thursday, July 24, 2014

I have a problem.

I have become addicted to the "#App of the Week" @theappstore, on Twitter.  Particularly when apps to assist in the making of movies are involved.  If it ends with "matic" (Cinamatic, Kinomatic) it ends up on my phone.  Though, it doesn't really need to end with that suffix, it just seems to be a recent convention, and it adds an appeal, almost like putting "Spielberg," "Welles," or "Coppola" in the title.  It is a little frightening to think how quickly I will download the app with "Oscar Winner" in the title.

Honestly, though, to date the one I have used the most is called "Splice" and it is great.  It is very flexible, and easy to use.  "Splice" offers several ways to add a little flair to your "artwork" and is just a fun app to play with.  The biggest problem with "Splice" is the end, it lacks in ways to share your creation.  But, it was one of the first apps I got, so it is ancient in technology years. Still, it has been a good friend, and a man my age should not abandon things because they are a little older.

Anyway, it is with great anticipation that we enter the next stage of our "creative process."  Movie making here we come.

Here is the downside, for you, loyal members of the Life Explained Universe, there are going to be a lot more video posts on this blog.  It will start out a little rough, and then probably go downhill, rapidly gaining speed, careering off boulders, trees, railings, and pedestrians, crashing in an inglorious, anonymous pile of barely recognizable garbage at the bottom of a cliff.  But, those who have read this blog for a while know that won't stop me.  Onward through the smoke filled rubbish, that is my motto.

If you get irritated at this latest turn of events you can blame +Mike Raven who writes the hilarious and entertaining Blog Of Thog.  He has a YouTube channel, and is a very talented videographer, (plus, he has a remarkable idea for a "travelling book" that might might help all of us understand we are not so different, maybe he should pitch the idea at the UN, if they could stop bickering long enough to listen) and I have decided to compete with him in a Death Match of Video Production.  Please feel free to visit his blog, and leave a few snarky comments, I have heard, and I don't know if this is true, that he drives on the wrong side of the road.  I would post a link to his YouTube channel, but I can't find it at the moment, stupid technology, anyway.

So, to start my new career, here is the Introductory Video, Dr. Dawg For President.

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