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Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Not Too Late, Yet!

We, here at Life Explained, have changed the threat level from "imminent system failure, and the collapse of civilization" to "cautious optimism."  This change is expressed in the ominous, chilling graphic below.

Last Week                                                                                                       Today

Obviously, things are looking up, and there is renewed hope, here at Life Explained. 

What could cause such a swing, such a sudden, dramatic change?  That is a very good question.  Recently, we here at Life Explained, learned of the selfless acts of one man, one giving, caring man, who, with no thought of reward, no flashy exclamations of self aggrandizement, one man with very little to gain at all, and a hearty investment of time and money, has decided to launch The Fantastic Traveling Book Project.

People all over the world will have the opportunity to share some personal, part of their life in words and pictures with strangers from distant places.  People who thought they had nothing in common could find some mutual ground, some small common trait.  If people start talking, and looking for similarities instead of differences who knows where that might lead.  Maybe even peace and understanding.

What can you do to help?  I am not sure, but, there is a Forum on the site, Forum, for the Fantastic Traveling Book Project, and that might be a good place to ask the venerable Mr. Raven what you can do to assist.  

Anyway, we should all take an active interest in this, we should all be jumping on the chance to spread the word, and the books.  In the immortal words of The Police;

"We can all sink or we all float,
Because we are all in the same big boat."

So, do the right thing, it will make you happy.

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