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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rescue Mission to Lunch

Something very strange happened today.  Our oldest son asked us to go have lunch, and he was going to be there, and he was going to bring a girl.  Normally he does not like to introduce us to girls, or friends, or coworkers, or passing acquaintances, or complete strangers (which, in fairness, would be very awkward for everybody, "Hello, I know we have never met, but I am (insert son's name here) and these are my parents, (insert parents name here)), so we jumped at the chance.

It was a lovely lunch, and the young lady was very nice, and I was very charming, and witty, and we all had fun, and lunch.  I had a buffalo chicken sandwich, and it was tasty, and less than ten dollars.

When it came time to pay our wait person, Lonnie, left the bill in a black plastic folder, that had a little slot for the bill, and a smaller slot for cash, and an even smaller opening for a credit card.  It was really an ingenious little device, and it had to be designed for this particular purpose.

However,there was one problem, it had no place for a pen, and Lonnie used the pocket clip on the pens cap to attach it to then folder.  But, this was not ideal, the pen was difficult to remove, and my wife, who was paying the bill, had to struggle to take it off.  It drew my attention, and that was when it caught my ever watchful eye.

You can't trust anybody.
Our server, Lonnie, was using Arrow Roofing Companies pen.  As I am such a believer in doing the right thing, I could not let this pass.  I grabbed my phone, called Arrow Roofing and told them I had found their pen, and that Lonnie had taken it.  I even offered to liberate the pen from the larcenous grasp of Lonnie and bring it to one of their headquarters in Grand Rapids, or Traverse City.

They thanked me and told me not to worry about it, they would send a team of writing implement retrieval experts to save their pen.  It was nothing, any brave, honest, heroic man would do the same thing.

My son was so proud, he was speechless.

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