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Monday, July 27, 2015

A day of reckoning.

OK, there have been some issues with our time machine, not that it doesn't work, but it works way too well. All sorts of people have been coming and going, we lost count, and are not really sure how to shut it off, curse you Self Contained Nuclear Reactor.

And our matter diffusion and transferal system, not that it doesn't work, it just doesn't work very well. Sometimes people are taller, and thinner, or shorter and bigger around, and sometimes it changes hair color, and nobody knows where their tattoo will appear. It always get them back together, more or less, the way they were. Here, we should apologize to Bob, from Building Services, who is now a delightful shade of blue, stunning, really. We have that all worked out, Bob, and if you want to try it again, we are fairly certain we can reverse the hue, we think.

Anyhoo, it seems Congress is a little angry about some things, and has called us to appear before a joint session. One of the things they want to discuss is a small army of ancient Egyptian soldiers tearing around the nation's capital, drinking a lot of beer, and terrorizing commuters demanding to be returned to ancient Egypt. Though very few people understand what they are saying, in fact we are just guessing.  They might be asking for directions to the Cracker Barrel, we don't know. Dr. Dawg is an expert in dead languages, and is researching "Biscuits and Gravy" in ancient Egyptian, but it is slow, tedious work.

Everything is going so well in America these days and Congress has nothing better to do than harass us, poor scientists and engineers, doing our best to make this nation great again. How about the budget, the debt, the trade deficit, or the cost of living? Huh, how about that? What about Deflate Gate, Huh?

Don't worry, we have a plan. though.
Thank you, Doctor Dawg, and Al Pacino
we have wanted to say that for a long time

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