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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Buy From Doctor Dawg, It Is Your Only Hope.

Candidate Dawg, or soon to be President Dawg if you prefer, has decided to forgo all of the usual channels for funding his campaign. He feels it leads to a sense of obligation;

"sure, big oil gave me millions of dollars, and they think there might be a deposit under the White House. 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue really sounds Presidential. Just move it a couple hundred feet, what can go wrong."

Doctor Dawg will be beholden to no special interest group. Plus, he is having trouble lining up big donors. There are a lot of candidates this election, and most of them are not dogs. And, Dr. Dawg says, "Humans really stick together."

So he has decided to "enhance" his own "revenue" by becoming a paid product spokesperson.

If you need a spokes dawg, have tons of money, and would like a little influence over policy, give us a call.

Paid for by, well it hasn't been paid for yet, if you are interested.

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