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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Throwdown Thursday.

In honor of the coming Great Transatlantic Showdown with the Esteemed +Mike Raven  we have launched the Inaugural Throwdown Thursday.

Everybody was so excited. The lunch room was buzzing, strategy, tactics tossed around like beach balls at an outdoor concert. It was electric.

Someone opened a bottle of wine, then another, and things were starting to loosen up a little.

You know what happens when an accountant mixes his Pinot Grigio and his Zinfandel. That's right, Bob, got his wine muscles on and took a swing at Michelle, the Customer Service Supervisor.

Too bad for Bob, too. Not only is Michelle in peak physical condition she has been studying some lethal sort of Martial Arts for several years. She had no trouble throwing Bob halfway across the room, where he slid under a table, and slammed into a wall.

In all the excitement Dr. Dawg actually bit Bob on the leg. Not hard enough to break skin, he is an
animal, but he has several advanced degrees, and a Nobel Prize. He knows when to pull a punch.

Everybody was really embarrassed, and sort of stunned. Except for Michelle. She just went back to her lunch, and her book. "Living In Harmony and Peace."

Bob hired a lawyer. After thinking about it, and remembering that he had started the fight, and got the livin' bejesus kicked out of him by a girl, after attempting to punch her in the back of the head, he decided to sue himself. The case is still pending and he is not allowed to discuss the details. We hope he wins big.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Fist Fight Friday. It will be a gas.

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