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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Vote For Dr. Dawg,

My fellow Americans when I become president I will build a wall on our southern border.

I will build a wall on our northern border.

I will build a wall on the east coast, I will build a wall on the west coast. I will slap a roof across the top, and we will have the worlds first climate controlled nation.

No more sweltering, humid summers, no more frigid, icy winters. Cool, comfortable conditions year around. That's what I do, I live in comfort, and so should you.

Who will build the walls, and the roof? Cheap foreign labor, that's who. Because we will all be too busy living the good life, because that's what I do, make people wealthy. Wouldn't you like to be wealthy?

And I will get the other countries scattered throughout the uncivilized parts of the world to pay for it all. Because I have the worlds greatest collection agency working for me. That's what I do, I get paid, and you will get paid too.

I make dreams come true, that's what I do. And I will make your dreams come true. After I am elected.

People have asked "couldn't you do a lot of those things without being president?"

I tell those people "shut up!" And they shut up.

My name is Doctor Dawg and I approved this message.

Vote For Doctor Dawg, why not, I mean look around, who else is there?

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