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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Welcome Friend.

Today, we are going in a little different direction.  We are going to talk about my friend, John.  John is ancient, almost as old as me, and yesterday he joined Twitter.

Twitter should be perfect for John.  He is a man of few words, and that makes for a very strong friendship, as I am overrun with words.  So, I tell him all sorts of things and he pretends to listen, which is very nice.

Another key difference, is John's ability to do things with his hands, he is amazing.  He can, weld and solder, and drill and hammer and measure and saw and assemble and finish projects and they look like what he intended.  He can handle plumbing, electrical and carpentry projects.  All without swearing or beer.  Amazing!

His tool chest is orderly and neat, his wrenches and sockets are sequential, and clean, and he keeps a can of de-greasing hand cleaner sitting neatly and elegantly within reach.

He understands the internal combustion engine, and how one works.  And how to make it start working again when it stops.  Plus, he can repair the brakes that are so important while driving around in a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engines.

He is completely unafraid of that dreadful, fearful, intimidating phrase "some assembly required."  He actually reads and understands the instructions before he starts.  Then refers to them during assembly.  And when he is finished he doesn't have any left over parts unless the manufacturer sent too many.

John can sand and finish a hardwood floor, correctly.  He can paint walls and in colors that actually complement each other without consulting a woman.  When people talk to him about their home repair problems he guides them with sage wisdom and kindness.  He is an oracle of home repair and improvement instruction, and we are awed by his knowledge.

And now he is on Twitter, a true renaissance man.  If you run across him while tweeting, please say "hey, John, welcome, friend, oh, what is the best way to patch a gutter?"