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Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence, and the right to a long weekend.

For the past several years the Constitution has been used as proof of substance on a wide variety of views.  Everybody is quick to discuss how this very old document provided the rights for all sorts of behavior, or intolerance of behavior.  Don't get me wrong, I love the Constitution, and almost all of the Amendments.  I am not too crazy about 18, but since 21 trumped that, I am at peace with the whole thing.  Here is where my problem lies.  Yes, the constitution is a fantastic work, and it is amazing that people could have been that prescient so many years ago, they clearly could not think of everything.

Today is a perfect example.  Yesterday we, as a nation, celebrated our independence.  It was a national moment of pride and joy, remembering how we broke the bonds of tyranny, and subjugation.  Most of us did this with a few frosty beers, some meat cooked on a grill, and watching a few things explode. Honoring our forefathers, giving thanks for our freedom, without all of the discomfort of ceremony, or substance.  However, had our forefathers been aware of the demands of the modern corporate work week they would have changed the Declaration of Independence to read "The First Monday in July," instead "July 4th, 1776"  Thereby insuring an extra three day weekend every year.

It might be time for a new amendment, a three day weekend amendment.  And trust me, the founding Fathers enjoyed a few beers, now and again, they wouldn't mind.