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Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation, Day 1.

Up with the sun, gone with the wind.  There are things about driving half way across the universe with your family that are a little uncomfortable.  Occurrences on the Bounty begin to make sense.

"Mr. Christian, we stopped at the last rest area."  Said Captain Bligh, sounding a little smug for a guy in a wig, holding a map, and a bag of pistachio nuts.

"Sir, we have had two bottles of Dasani (a registered trademark of the Coca Cola Co.) and a Snapple (a registered trademark of some other company) since then."

Maybe the crew was upset about the music, or the climate control, or the way a bag of snacks has been allocated.   We have had gun fights erupt between our sons over a perceived slight in beef jerky distribution.

A new GIF just for this reshare.
Or, maybe the 1st mate was a little sore and tired from carrying out more than one persons share of luggage, and stuff.  And maybe he found it a little galling that while there was at least a 12 pack of everybody else's favorite drink, there was hardly anything the first mate liked.

Anyway, if you want see what type of people are in your family, load them in a car and drive for hours, across the featureless, homogenous midwest, devoid of landmarks, or any method of measuring progress.  Soon you will you have bonded with, or divorced yourself entirely from, your whole family. Plus, you will start to understand what happened to HAL 9000.