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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hey, everybody needs a hobby.

Recently, I have downloaded several apps for my iThings.  In a way it is kind of junkie behavior, there are already enough apps on this stuff, some of them have never been used.  So, my new plan is to put them to use as productive members of the Life Explained team.

However, until you have a chance to research the best "application" for each "app" this can be a little difficult.

One of the first apps I on my original iPod was "Words with Friends," and it is still heavily used and mostly enjoyed.  This served as my inspiration.  I will use each new app to explore life, and express myself, this will provide the opportunity for the exploration of possibilities and shortcomings.

I play "Words with Friends" with a marvelous (for a teacher) person.  She seems kind, sweet, considerate, caring, and delightful (for a teacher).  Until you are foolish enough to play "Words with Friends" against her.  Then, she is vicious, ruthless, tyrannical, and pitiless (even for a teacher).  It is no longer "Words with Friends" it becomes "Words with That Woman, Whose Name We don't Mention."  My wife won't let me spit on the floor, which carries a little more emphasis than silence, but a statement is a statement. even if it the lack of a statement, right?

So, this is in honor of the person whose name we don't mention, I used three apps to make this, not counting the organic camera app on the iPhone.  I guess you aren't so bad after all.  Thanks,

Not to scale.