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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Good News.

Things have been going very well at work, business is booming, and the future looks pretty bright.  Except for all of the actual "work" required to complete all of this "business" things couldn't be better.  But, most of us are getting used to working here, so that is only a minor nuisance, not really a big problem.  Not that we want to make a living working like that, but occasionally, if it is for the common good we will do our part.

Then came the nasty surprise.  The owner emailed the company that she would taking a vacation day, and she was taking her family, and the dog.  

Of course, I panicked and emailed back quickly.  "How, in the name of all that is holy, do you expect us to run a extravagantly busy,  hugely important, fantastically successful applied research and development facility like this without a dog?"
Doctor Dawg meet Dr. Dog. 

In her kind, patient way, she replied, "don't worry, we have installed a backup dog."

Dog redundancy, amazing, the people I work for think of everything.  The future looks bright, and the holidays are safe for another year.

Of course, if things stay this busy, we may need a tertiary dog.  Only qualified candidates need apply.