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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Falcons, Patriots, and Indigestion, That is Super.

Ah, Super Bowl weekend*, the pinnacle of the NFL season, they culmination of months of preparation, planning, coordinating, scheming, all wrapped up in a weekend of gluttony.  A festival of televised excess, all of the grandeur, drama, and, pageantry that sweaty grown men, covered in pads, dressed in color coordinated uniforms, screaming coaches, and overenthusiastic announcers can muster.  

It was five short months ago they started the pregame show... no wait, five months ago they started the season.  A season filled with opportunity, the dreams of millions of fans riding a roller coaster of momentary hope and crushing reality, hoping to be the fans who could say, after this very weekend, "our millionaires are so much tougher than your millionaires, our rich guys might be the toughest in the land."  Trash talking is not what it used to be.  

Most fans will have to settle for the comfort of knowing that their millionaires played their hearts out,
leaving it all on the field, for the game they love, the team they are with, the city in which they play, the fans who constantly second guess their abilities and their coaches decision making skills, and millions of dollars.  Small comfort, though it is.

But, now the big weekend is here fans everywhere can watch while the networks try to rake in every stray penny they can.  If you will pardon the expression, for television, this is like the Super Bowl of Super Bowls.  Advertisers are lined up to spend huge sums of money for paltry seconds.  After spending a fortune to produce a commercial that will have people talking about their commercial, though, maybe not their product.

It is a uniquely American phenomenon, this Super Bowl madness, unless you count the World Cup in soccer (futbol to people who aren't American), or the World Cup in Rugby, or maybe the Olympics, or The Stanley Cup, or the selection of the next Pope, or the running of the bulls, or... well, maybe it is not so unique, but, it is still a big deal, particularly if you like commercial advertisements.

*I'm not really sure when the Super Bowl (this is a job for the Super Bowl) is, this weekend, next weekend, but for the sake of this post it doesn't really matter.