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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Surprise in Mexico CIty.

Recently the Daily Mail reported that during an Excavation of the subway system uncovered Aztec artifacts. Mostly these findings consisted of remains that cast doubts on previously held assumptions on several widely held beliefs about the Aztec society.

Apparently the Aztecs liked to display the skulls of vanquished warriors on poles that ran through
"Dang, these new cars are nice"
holes, in their heads, thoughtfully provided by the Aztecs. It was a tribute to the gods, which seems to have been a very popular thing in those days.

 What really seems to surprise scientists about these discoveries is the inclusion of a woman's, dogs, and some horse skulls. This is unique to people who pay attention because Aztecs did not really have horses at their disposal, though they did have dogs, and women.

No one seems a bit surprised that ancient Aztecs were using the subway in Mexico City. Obviously, they had no need for horses with the availability of mass transit.  It does add a whole new dimension to the technical sophistication of this advanced society, apart from the skulls on poles that is, and the sacrifices.  Times were different then, though.