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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things are stil going brightly.

Yesterday, Nebraska lost to Ohio State in the Big Ten tournament.  It was a close game and either team could have won.  I was disappointed that they lost, but man I love this team.  They fight hard and have climbed so much higher than people expected.  And, one way or another their season is not over.

If they do not get selected for the NCAA tournament they will certainly be a high seed in the NIT tournament.  Which would probably bring some more games to the friendly atmosphere of the very hospitable Pinnacle Bank Arena.  Either way, I will be watching, and enjoying the intense and dynamic Cornhuskers play together as often as possible.

And, when the season is over I am overflowing with confidence for the future.  Names like Parker, Petteway, Pitchford, and Shields have become welcome in our house, and in our conversations.  And, will be, we hope, for several more years.  This is a young team, and the future is filled with glorious, profound possibility and potential.

When looking back at the later part of the season I can't help but think of the Dylan lyrics;

"I got something in my pocket, make your eyeballs swim,
I got dogs that will tear you limb from limb,
I'm circling around the southern zone,
I pay in blood, but not my own."

Tim Miles is building a good team, piece by piece, and in only his second season he has done
something significant and wonderful.  He is a calm presence in front of the camera, and a tempest on the sideline.  He can coach, and he can recruit, and he can give a danged good interview, as well.

Tom Osborne hired the right man, at the right time.  We have a coach who knows how to build a winner, a new state of the art arena, a team of talented young men, who are hungry to prove that Nebrasketball is a state of being, and fans that ready for successHu.  No matter what happened yesterday it is a good time to be a Husker.