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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Overt Ops, on the Information Super Highway.

We, here at Life Explained, circle the globe (sort of) flying by the seats of our pants, (whatever that means) facing any risk (at least any risk that comes with browsing the internet) looking for an explanation, a definition, an answer, any small clue that would provide a glimpse, no matter how vague, into the meaning of life.  So far we have had no luck, people seem reluctant to put that kind of powerful information on the world wide web, go figure.  But, sometimes we do find some cool stuff, and we like to share that with you, our loyal, articulate, informed public.

"Welcome to the CIA, and Twitter,
don't make any sudden moves."

On June 6th something fantastic happened (at least we think it was fantastic).  The CIA started tweeting!  That's right, the our International House of Espionage, the serious, tight lipped community of covert agents, and keepers of secrets has started spilling its guts in 140 characters or less, with pictures, and links, of course.   It was a tremendously gutsy decision, and all appropriately adapted citizens of the electronic world should stand and applaud.

Their first tweet is captured below.

So, the CIA has a sense of humor.  Take that 007, shaken, and not stirred.  Though James Bond could be pretty funny at times, too.  One time he was sent to this spa by the director who was lecturing him on the damaging effects of free radicals in the blood stream.  The director was informing him that these free radicals could come from alcohol consumption, exotic foods, white bread.  And he said "I don't really eat that much white bread, sir."  We all found that very amusing, and less than 140 characters, though without context it would probably fall pretty flat.

Anyway, we were so happy to find out about our chance to "watch the watchers" for a change that we started following them, right away.    We will let you know what they are up to, "Getting ready to topple a foreign government." "Planting incriminating evidence on a hostile diplomat." and then we will have to kill you.  Just kidding, we will only exile you, not really.