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Monday, December 1, 2014

An End, And A Beginning.

December 1st, the end of the season, and a head coach gets fired, and the hatred and blame start in earnest.  It is too bad, but the man has a very nice severance package and will have ample resources to provide for his family.  He did an admirable job at Nebraska, but, his rate of pay probably should indicate that admirable would only carry a coach so far.  There were times when people would expect extraordinary.

Wisconsin, probably was enough to make the decision.  Another lopsided, humiliating defeat at the hands of a team that was really not significantly better than Nebraska.  To be fair no one should really say the Badgers were fantastically superior to NU, but on that day they ran all over the Husker defense, Melvin Gordon ripping off long runs, 40 or 60 yards, (it looked like miles) untouched jaunts into the end zone, and it seemed like the only real threat was one of his teammates knocking him to the ground.  He should thank Nebraska in his post season award acceptance speeches.  Thank you Badger coach for sitting him down in the 4th quarter.  Nebraska's offense could not hold onto the ball long enough to help either.   The storm was approaching.

If that game was an omen the Minnesota game the following week was the tolling bell.  Senior day, and after a decent start, a complete collapse.  Minnesota's quarterback, a very good player, to be sure, starts to look like Melvin Gordon.  Running around the end for 12 or 14 yards a play.  Thank goodness he ran out of bounds.

Bo Pelini did a good job, and I will always be a fan.  It got a little old watching them collapse once or twice a year, though.  Earlier in the season I thought the Cornhuskers were getting very little respect, they were undefeated, had a Heisman candidate running the ball, a defense that looked like it might be living up to standards, and a relatively easy division, in a conference that was having an off year.  But, it seems like voters knew better.  Why bother putting them higher, the inevitable meltdown was coming, with terrifying regularity.

As far as the arguments that say Nebraska has no right to expect better,  I respectfully say, speaking only for myself, I think an occasional conference championship is not asking for too much.  Not being humiliated once or twice a year on television is not too demanding.  Maybe this is wrong, but it sounds reasonable.  To answer the question of who would accept a job at a school that fires a coach with nine wins.  It seems the coaching world is filled with giant egos, and there is no shortage of people willing to take a paycheck that size.

But, the future starts today, and it is being written right now, so I accept the bad with the good, knowing that there will be wins and losses in the years ahead.  But, honestly this is probably the only decision that could have been made.  I raise my coffee cup and toast the future, good luck Bo, I know you will do well, and good luck Shawn Eichorst, it is a difficult road you travel, and I hope you find a great coach, and last Go Big Red, I will always be a fan.