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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Workouts, Motivation, and Wilson Pickett.

Today, for the 2nd week in a row, I am going to the gym on consecutive days.  Weather has caused me this painful collision, closing school on Monday, and the gym is hidden safely away on the second floor.

Which is convenient since there are about 100 stairs between floors, it has to be about 75 feet high.  It is a good way to start an evening of painful exertion, hauling my tired, overweight, middle aged, working class existence up that mountain.

It is even worse on the way down.  Rubbery legs from the elliptical trainer, dizzy from the rarified air at that height, arms shaking, and shoulders sore from the resistance machine and steps disappearing into the mist and fog below, are a recipe for disaster.

You know, they should open a little bakery on the landing between floors.  Stop, have a pastry, some coffee, chat with the other climbers.  "Hey, I saw a Yeti on the South Face.  Big, angry looking thing, maybe it was a math teacher, I am not sure.  Either way it was terrifying.  Why yes, a cheese danish would be splendid."

It would require a few extra minutes on the treadmill, but friendship and society are important, too.  Plus, the school would make quite a bit of money, (education is important, too) and cheese danish are delicious.

Anyway, I am off to the gym tonight, with a new plan.  Motivational pod cast  "The Daily Boost:  Daily Motivation | Life Skills | Job Motivation | Goal Setting | Health and Wellness."  That is a lot, yes, but I am not going to try to do all of them tonight.

I will work on (listen to) "How to stay on course with your goals."  I have a little trouble with that.  And "How to succeed without being perfect."  I am neither perfect, nor successful, maybe tomorrow.  These should give me some insight into what I have been doing wrong, or right, or both.

One thing that always motivates me, though, is my wife is often still there.  And seeing her smiling face makes me want to live longer.  And exercise is one way to get there.

To start off with the right attitude I plan to listen to Wilson Pickett tell us about the "Land of 1,000 Dances."

Everybody should want to "Pony like Bony Maronie."  After that I may not need any more motivation, but it is available, just in case.  Thank you, Mr. Pickett.

If you are working out tonight, have fun, if you have some great music, or pod cast to keep you going let me know, and if you see a Yeti, get a picture, and an autograph, it would be worth some serious coin.