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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time for a Change, and Time to Stay the Same.

It was a great workout last night.  I have added 15 pounds to all of the resistance machines, and two new exercises.  Today, I feel euphoric.  Exercise gives a great deal of pleasure, but it does demand a little pain.  It is worth every second, though.  I do need to use the treadmill, elliptical machine, or exercise bike with a little more vigor.  Tomorrow is my next trip, Look out Cardio, here I come.  

This gym is fantastic, it is free for one thing, and when I go there is hardly anyone there.  Plus, I am the only one who ever uses the resistance machines, at least during my visits.  Most of the people who use the gym are in a condition similar to mine.  They are older, and just trying to stay even with gravity.  I fit right in.  

Of course, it is in an auxiliary high school building, after school is dismissed, so occasionally you will have a couple of high schoolers winding up the treadmills to about 55 miles an hour, talking, and laughing, and just being all kinds of healthy and happy, and irritating as all hell!  Punks!  Just turn up the pod cast, wipe the sweat from my face, and think "someday that will be difficult for you, also."

Last night was the Mongol invasion of Jin China.  And, this post was supposed to cover that, but there are a couple of problems.  First, it was huge, way too big for one small post.  Second, it was brutal.  Since I have started working out, and listening to history podcasts, and reading to fill in details left uncovered, I have learned that people are animals.  

Yes, the Mongols fought savagely, and won barbarically, but they were not really unique.  Not in the results of the victory, certainly, they were probably unique in the number of conquests, but the results were unchanged.

From the earliest recorded times winners have been ruthless.  There is no reason to believe that it was not the same before someone started cataloging the events.  Assyrians, Huns, Vandals, Goths, probably as far back as Tuthmose, ("the Napoleon of Egypt) but I am still researching that.  And, it doesn't seem we have changed all that much.  Which makes me a little apprehensive about our future. 

I do plan to write about these things, but, this blog was created for me to have a little fun, lately I have forgotten that.  So, I am going to start another blog, for my headlong dive into the past.  I will post a link, if you want to follow.  And, I will get back to the nonsense that makes me happy here.  

Thank you, all it has been fun, and I view you all as friends.