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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saint Patrick Probably would not pick the Fightin' Irish.

Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day, a day to celebrate all things Irish.  Except for Saint Patrick, it seems, from some preliminary research, he was not born in Ireland.  He was born in Roman Britain, kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland, and after escaping to a Monastery in Gaul (France) he returned to Ireland.

He made the Druids stop practicing their religion, claiming it was paganistic, and not his religion.  Since this was such a bigoted, narrow minded act they made him a bishop, and then a saint.  It is unclear why Saint Patrick's Day strikes such a chord.  It seems most saints have a day, and looking into the days, it seems most of them have a saint, but, this one really gets all the press.

Green clothes, green derbies, green beer, green is everywhere.  Maybe that is why this one is so important, it has a color.  What color would you ascribe to Saint David of Wales (March 1st) or Saint Leander of Seville (March 13th)?  Nobody would know what to wear.  Saint Patrick, put on some green, find a parade, and things are rolling.

So, we move on, another Saint Patrick's Day, come and gone, the world returns to normal.  Which is no picnic, either.  Maybe nobody noticed through the green haze enveloping the world yesterday, but life still defies explanation.

If it weren't for the NCAA tournament I am not sure there would be any point at all.  Thank goodness for college basketball.  To make a point, I plan to post my bracket picks right here, for all the world to see. And, if you can find a way to choose teams in a pattern of diametric opposition you will probably do pretty well, kind of a public service from the good people at Life Explained.

In fact, if you send me your bracket as a JPG file I will post it here, as well.  And then complete strangers can question your sanity, loyalties and ability to pick a decent bracket.  Whoever wins, and by wins I mean has the appearance of the most correct choices, as judged by me, probably, (unless I can convince someone else to do it) will get a bit part in the movie, based on the best seller "Life Explained, a Primer in the Explanation of Life," after I figure out how to explain life, write the book, sell the movie rights, and find a way to influence the agency in charge of casting.  It should not be a problem, though.

So, email your bracket to me, at  Anytime before the end of the tournament. Submissions received after the tournament will not be accepted, unless they are accompanied by a $5.00 bill.

Thank you, and good luck,