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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life Explained, Helping Make the Best Of Your Day.

A "no-win" situation arises when any course of action will result in an untenable situation. It is a situation that is so distasteful that the best that can be hoped for is not being the worst loser. In general a person should avoid any encounter that ends with a "no-win" resolution.

A "win-win" situation on the other hand is a problem where everybody wins. Which is much nicer, unless you happen to be what is called a "sore winner" who not only enjoys "the thrill of victory" but relishes watching somebody else suffer through "the agony of defeat." In that case a "win-win" is really just a "no-win" in disguise. Really, there are no hard and fast rules about winning in life, and in most situations there is something lost and something gained.

Fortunately, there are times, and occurrences that make for a much wider margin of unsatisfactory victory.

Working from home is a good way to strike a blow for freedom, or at least a short, unsatisfactory furlough. While it may not have all of the comforts of home... wait, I guess it does. It may not be perfect, but it does have advantages over working from work.

  • The commute is much shorter. Some people can get from their bedroom to the television in a few seconds.
  • There is a much more casual dress code when working from home. Pajamas are acceptable at home but not always appropriate for the office. Be careful about video conferencing before the first attempt at personal hygiene. Uncombed hair, and a Batman robe will not help your next evaluation. 
  • It is a great time to catch up on household chores. The last three seasons of whatever show you are trying to watch, for example. Or finally getting a chance to play a video game without those punk kids around to stomp you into a hopeless sense of despair.
  • Naps are much more successful at home.
  • You can save your sick days and do something fun.
  • None of those pesky "have you been drinking?" questions to interrupt your groove.*
Life is filled with opportunities to lose in satisfactory, appealing ways. Take advantage of each, but when you need that lift that only a small, meaningless victory to make it through another day come to us, here at "Life Explained, Life Coaching for the Average Man."

* You might want to quit answering the phone and responding to emails after your 4th beer.