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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Alien Life Coming to Visit,

Today was an exciting day, here at Life Explained. It was so exciting when we got this text message from an Alien Life Form.

It's not every day an alien life form sends you a text message. It is even rarer when they are coming to visit.

Oh sure, there was that time we got the email from the future, and that was cool, and all, but it was almost useless unless you wanted to bet on the 3017 World Series or were looking for the latest in future fashion. Which was all shiny, and drab, and form fitting and baggy all at the same time. If you think modern fashion is inaccessible you should see what people are wearing in the next century, or maybe you shouldn't. We kind of wish we hadn't.

Anyway, that was different, bland, terrestrial, kind of like dinner with the family. Yes it is food, but family is always a little frustrating, and you certainly can't take them out in public. Pretty soon somebody will say "what did you mean by that?' and the fight is on. Police, SWAT, and banned from another restaurant.

We hope it isn't like that time those spirits from the past faxed us, (we had to forgive the primitive technology, they were from the past, after all) we were so excited. Until we found out they just wanted to scam us for a few dollars. Invest in futures, they said, yeah, right.

Anyway, we are going to have them park in the field by the top secret Life Explained headquarters, it is zoned for extraterrestrial visitations, a little money in the right counsel person's pocket can do wonders.

We hope it is not one of those Alien things like from the Alien movie. That would be awful, but they didn't text, and we saw all of those movies.