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Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day, Swappers, It Was Humid, Hot, and Fun

It was a great day, with a great breakfast, a really great breakfast, and the coffee was wonderful, so rich, dark, steaming, you could see the flavor wafting up from the cup, oh man was the coffee good. after that it was only a twenty minute drive up the highway to the Johnstown Swappers Days. Free parking, in a pasture, buzzing with mosquitoes,  a short walk across the field and the road, five dollars for admittance and we were immersed in a ninety degree day, high humidity and a crowded, far flung, wild west flea market.

It was a hectic, crazy, chaotic day filled with a variety of booths, selling everything from tools to bottle openers, to rabbits to hunting dogs. And weapons, tables full of weapons. I have been on hunting trips with people who weren't so well armed. People were walking around with rifles, shotguns, sidearms. It is amazing how careful a person treads when dealing with hundreds of armed people, mutual assured destruction on a personal scale.

After this trip I can feel comfortable saying 2nd amendment rights are very well protected. Including the right to bear arms, to trade them openly, to bicker endlessly in public about the price of the weapons.

Amish people are pretty safe as well. They were well represented, and heavily involved in the trading that took place. Plus, they were using cell phones. This seemed a little surprising.

It was a great day, there were too many booths to see them all
in the oppressive heat and sweltering humidity, but we ended up looking at most of them. And fully intend to go back next year with the hope that it is a little cooler, and more comfortable. We are very confident the breakfast will be good anyway,