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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Take My Advice, That is My Advice

My gym, technically not my gym, (but sometimes it is so empty that it might as well be my gym) is located in the school building where my wife works. It is kind of small, and has limited equipment, but employees, their spouses and retired employees can use it for free. Someday I may outgrow it and have to move up to a membership gym, but until then I love the place. There are weights in there I have yet to lift.

Since it is so small just a few extra people can seem like a crowd. And a couple of times a year there are several extra people. Right after New Year there is always a big crowd, people who have decided to really whip themselves into shape this year. I always root for them, silently, hoping they have the fortitude, and desire to stay the course. But, by the end of February they have thinned out, and it becomes the Life Explained Memorial Gymnasium again. It is nice to have the place to myself, but the promises dying makes a sad sound.

When school starts there is always a wave of fitness seekers. It is mostly young teachers, and they are young, brash, and confident. It is a magic time and I feed off their enthusiasm. Waves of enthusiasm flood the small room, you can almost see the good cheer. They come in together, talking, smiling, joyful, and it really boosts the atmosphere. Soon the groups get smaller, and then stop altogether. It makes me a little melancholy, like losing a friend.

But, I keep going, and think to myself, if these people would commit a few more weeks, they would understand the way it makes life seem a little better, things are a little easier when you exercise regularly. Last time I had my blood pressure tested it was 121 over 71!  I was walking on air!

Here is my advice, exercise, regularly, and you will feel like Richard Thompson and me.