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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Big news, sooner or later, if we can find it.

It is not the best time to be opening a new production facility, but the old saying there are no mistakes only learning opportunities, and we have learned a lot, more every day.  A constant stream of lessons parading across our desks have given us a unique opportunity to be smarter than we were yesterday. 

Wow, we have learned a lot. Just yesterday we learned about using China plates as Frisbees. It was a wonderfully loud lesson with lots of little lessons wrapped up inside a larger lesson.

For one thing don’t pick up shards of broken plates by grabbing piles of them with your hands. That was a valuable lesson. Another lesson, don’t tell the person who owned the plates how they broke. Wow, that was some lesson. With lots of loud, colorful language. But, that is another story.
Anyway, we opened a new design and production facility in a secret location. It is so secret we can’t even tell you where it isn’t, It might be a clue.  And, most of us don’t know where it is anyway. Though we do know, at least some of us, at least some of the places it isn’t. 

Anyway, we needed someplace to assemble our newest project, which is so secret that most of us
aren’t even too sure what it is. But, it is going to bring in some big money. And critical acclaim, and the adoration of the public at large.

Not all of the public, of course, there are people who won’t be happy. There are always those who disdain progress.  You can’t get please everybody without breaking some eggs, or something like that. We aren’t going to worry about them, or their eggs.

We are excited about the opportunities this provides, if we could remember what it was, or where it was being built. And when we can tell anybody you will be the first to know, right after us. Maybe we should have drawn a map.