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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fun Facts, Coming soon.

Today is the first post in a series. Fun Facts. Eventually it will be a video blog, but I am feeling too lazy to start that this morning. It is so peaceful, I am the only one up, the clouds are keeping everything a little darker than normal, the coffee (Sumatran) is fantastic, there is no sound except the tapping of keys, even traffic is kind enough to be missing, and making a video requires an extensive series of manipulations that I just am not in the mood to commit.

It would be one thing if I were more technically inclined, but that is not the case. Muddling through a blog post is the best that will happen.

For one thing, I had to make a new graphic. And it is very nice, if I do say so myself. The background is a condemned parking garage I pass often on my lunchtime walks. But, it wasn't that simple because my lack of expertise allowed my thumb to creep into the original shot, so it had to be cropped.*

Here is the abandoned parking garage from the front.

Actually, there is something about this parking garage that is just appealing. I don't know what it is but almost every time I walk past I snap a few photos. It has shown
up on my blog several times. It might be the colors that seem incongruous on a dying building, it might be the decay, and wretchedness in the heart of all the renovation, I don't know, but it calls when I walk by.

Some buildings have a life of their own, even in death. There is an old building just a block away from where I work, it is huge, and has been unoccupied for years. I have dozens of pictures from several angles, and would love to be able to get inside and see what is there.

We love to vacation in Louisville, and sometimes we go down to catch a Cardinal basketball game. The Yum Center where the Cards play is right downtown. Not too far from the arena is an old facade, from a long deceased building. The old brick, and the blue sky make such a dramatic contrast. I love that! Every time we walk past there are several new pictures on my phone.

Anyway, that is all we have time for today in "Life Explained, Fun Facts."

Tune in next time when we will have some fun facts, and a video, maybe.

*Speaking of my thumb in pictures, it might be the biggest publicity seeking, camera hog in history. It shows up in more pictures than my lovely wife, whose smile is the greatest reward imaginable. If thumbs could not be cropped out of pictures I would have given up long ago.