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Monday, October 26, 2015

Life Explained, by the Life Explained India Office

One bizarre fact about living is knowing that one day you won't. Let's start from the start. I was about 5 foot smaller than I am now when I was born. I weighed about 60 kg less. Astonishingly, I could not even talk. I could not even walk.

I recently had a new member introduced to our family. Incidentally, he is small too. Neither can he walk, nor can he talk. Hell! He pisses in his pants, and he can't even tell everyone of what he just did (not that he would want to). Poor kid. So difficult is life for him now. It was once for me too. Mom says everyone goes through the phase. I think she is right. Mom also says life may not exactly be difficult for the kid. She might again be right.

Then, with time I grew up. I went to school. Made wonderful friends. Learnt what I thought was necessary. Then, in no time everything became a 'blast from the past'. All the good stuff became sweet memories. Rarely, I get to meet my friends. My academic career in the aftermath became a bit of 'hit and miss' too. So, what was the point of all that? If we got to loose everything at some point. Why life addicts us to them initially?

I met a friend at the day of writing this post. I felt he had changed since the last time we met. Shockingly, he changed for better. I remember this guy who I often advised on why to be positive, and why he would do big things in life. The same boy this day tried his level best to explain to me the reason to have an open attitude toward life. To live in the present. He did not need to say a word, really. He was himself an example of a welcome change.

Let us consider something serious. I am alive now. I would assume that you are alive too if you are reading this (disclaimer: it's not mandatory to be alive to be reading this). I will die sometime. You will too, only if you are alive in the first place (disclaimer: to die, it is mandatory to be alive, you can blame nature for that). However, the timing of death has not been mentioned to us. Unfortunately, it could be the next moment. Let's take in another situation. Think of things you enjoy (the little things like jumping from 8,000 metres above sea-level, with a parachute of course). How about I tell you that the RIDE you enjoy, you can sit on it for free, but the ride will never stop. Do you still want to get on it? Just that RIDE is life.

At the time of writing this post, my referred friend is not someone who has achieved it all. He may become one, he might not. He is enjoying his moment, he understands CHANGE is life. He has learnt to love his life, to LIVE his life. Have you?

All I wrote here is for me. I share it still for no reason. It's nothing new, but still it kind of is. Is it?