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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Santa Comes Early to Life Explained Ohio Office (LEOO)

Great news, when we got to work this morning there was a new freezer in the kitchen. Nobody knows where it cam from, Santa maybe. It had a logo on it, that might be a reindeer, or a horse of some type.

Anyway, it was filled these delicious goodies, hundreds of them. The instructions are all in Mandarin. But, if we know anything, here at Life Explained Ohio Office (LEOO) it is how to microwave a frozen burrito.

Of course we also know the perfect wine to accompany a burrito. With a bean burrito (microwaved on 75% power for 79 seconds*) you serve a Suavignon Blanc, chilled to 43 degrees. With a steak burrito (microwaved on 90% power for 81 seconds*) you serve a Merlot, chilled to 39 degrees.

Then there was an all day pass to the amusement park for Sunday from a company called the "Carolina Panthers." We don't know what they do, but for some reason they don't want us watching the NFL games this weekend. We are not sure why.

* Don't worry about the varying power of microwaves. These are immutable laws of nature.