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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Our apologies

Something strange has happened. I know, I say that all of the time. Followed closely by a string of silliness and tripe. But, this time I am serious.

For some reason I don't receive any notices from Google +. I am used to being ignored, so at first I didn't even notice, but I saw there were some comments on a recent post. I looked and there were a few. I didn't know.

This is kind of embarrassing. All of those years typing away, no one even knowing my delightful blog existed. Now a few people show up, leave a comment, and it seems that I am not paying attention.

I am. And I am sorry if it seems otherwise. Maybe I changed a setting. Maybe Google just decided I use enough band width, or cloud space or whatever technical term is correct. Whatever the reason, please forgive me.


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