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Thursday, February 23, 2017

We're back, We missed you.

We, here at Life Explained, have decided to branch out a little. Stretching the limits of credibility. Everybody knows this is the best place in the world to get Alternative Facts. We have been providing alternative facts for years. We have never really been too concerned with other, more reputable sources diving into our pool once in a while. Even the most reputable members of the press probably get tired of just reporting the facts. Blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum. How dull.

Since fair is fair, after all, we have been going into their world. And taking some of their band width, maybe, if that makes any sense. Anyway, we are branching out into the world of... the places where... we have been taking... anyway we have decided to see if anybody with normal sensibilities would let us invade their world for a while.

So, we have been writing, feverishly, in this case, considering the likely delusional nature of the narrative, which is probably similar to the ramblings of a malaria victim. Further we have been submitting them to dozens of places, sites, magazines, any place looking for a few words strung together. 

So far we have had a couple accepted. One is right here (Wow, this is genius), another is due out in April. Which we will come back to boast shamelessly about when it hits the streets.

Mostly, if any of you haven't noticed, we have been a little lax about writing our normal nonsense. We have been writing our normal nonsense, just sending it our into the real world, to see if it can stand on its own.  

Don't fear, though, we have been keeping an eye on the situation, all the situations, everywhere, and have good news.

President Trump just hired a new Presidential Science Adviser.