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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Time For a Good Change, for a change

Since we are now in the the 21st century it seems an ideal time to evaluate practices and beliefs long viewed as unassailable.  Obviously, many people question the wisdom of the school year, feeling year around classes would make more sense, and perhaps even manage to save hard pressed school districts a few dollars.  Further, it has been argued that Daylight Saving Time may have long since served its usefulness, if it ever made sense.  Both of these outdated practices served a narrow, single purpose that has long since evaporated.

It may be time to think bigger, though.  Perhaps, it is time to redefine the document that has kept mankind chained to a dreary, tedious existence, serving the pagan masters around whose existence it was established.  It is time for a new calendar.  A calendar for the new millennium.

Months are so inconsistent, some are 31 days, others are 30 and there is tale of one that is only 28 most of the time, but it changes.  Sometimes it is supposed to be longer.  How can you make plans around that?  Who thought of that?  Any decent facilities manager could have come up with something better.

It goes without saying that days need to have 24 hours, but after that it gets a little sketchy.  Why divide weeks into 7 days if you need a year to be 365 days long. 365/7 = 52.142, just foolish.

What if we ditched months? What if we eliminated weeks? Neither one makes any sense at all, thinking logically. We could eliminate the drudgery of named days. Wednesday, what kind of name is that, anyway? And we could do away with the wild, unpredictable method of recording days. 11/7/16 could be July 11th or November 7th. You are forced to choose, roll the dice, and hope you don't miss the occasion by four months. This system is a mess, completely unworkable, mired in ancient superstition, and mythology.

What we need to do is streamline the calendar. Everyday will just carry a numerical designation. The first day of the year will be 1, no great surprise there, and the last will be (care to guess?) 365. .

And don't worry about Leap Year. We are going to save up those leap year days and have a big party every ten years. Imagine that, a 2 1/2 day party, paid for by the savings accumulated from streamlining life. Oh, and as a bonus we have partnered with the AMA to have all the calories exempted from your yearly count. So have another waffle with ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped topping and sprinkles, it doesn't count.

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