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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Survival, It Ain't Always Pretty.

There is a species of fungus in the Brazilian rain forest that will infect an ant, taking over the poor creatures brain.  The fungi will force the ant to wander through the forest, and find a place suitable for the growth and reproduction of fungus, and then kill the ant.  This was brought to us by National Geographic, as seen here (Crap, I am glad I am not an ant.).  These are known as zombie ants, which is appropriate.

There is a wasp that will sting a Costa Rican Spider, making the spider spend it's last night on Earth building a cocoon in which the wasps larvae can grow, and metamorphosize in safety, high above the predators on the jungle floor.  Of course, they eat the spider, as well.  This is from LiveScience, and can be seen here (Dang, that is kind of heartless, even for a wasp)

According to the "Dirty Money Project" at New York University, as reported by NPR, (ewww, gross, if that is too dirty for you I will take care of it.) the paper money you carry is crawling with bacteria, sometimes up to 3,000 different strains.  Three thousand different types of bacteria crawling around on your dollar bills.  That is a little unsettling, and crowded.  You can probably hear the screams of little bacteria toes getting squashed underfoot if you hold the money close enough to your ear.

Often times economists will bemoan the fact that Americans are not saving enough, that we are society of instant gratification, and indulgence.  Now we know why.

Money based bacteria does not want to spend its life locked in a bank vault, it wants to get out and party. It likes to travel, see things, check stuff out, you know, do bacteria entertaining activities.  Bacteria will send a contingent up to your brain to make recommendations. "Hey, how about a beer?"  Or, "Doesn't a trip to 'Big Bob's Burger Barn" sound like fun?  You are starving."

There is not much you can do about it, they have you outnumbered, they have been around a long time, and know a lot of tricks.  I am not saying you should just give in, saving is still a good idea,  but don't be too hard on yourself if you buy a new stylus, it is not your fault. Remember, things could be worse, think about that poor ant.  Right now I am going to get a bite to eat, I am kind of hungry.

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