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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Things will get better.

Today I upgraded the operating system on my iPhone.  Actually, it did all the work, after pressing yes, and agreeing to the terms and conditions (which I didn't even read, I hope there was nothing too bad, and binding in there) my part was over.  According to the little message this update contained "improvement, bug fixes and security improvements."  All of that sounds like a good idea, and it was free, and except for minimal effort I was off the hook.  But, the question screams through the empty spaces in my mind, echoing and bouncing, yelling, and begging for attention.  What bugs needed fixed?

According to several sites on the internet, it fixes a bug that impacts keyboard responsiveness and a bug involving bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver enabled.  Both of which are probably long past due, though I hadn't noticed either, and I do use a bluetooth keyboard on my iPad, but not VoiceOver, in fact I have never heard of it.   Also, there were some enhancements to Safari, the web browser.  So, it was probably a good idea.

Recently, Clash of Clans updated their game.  It was a big update, and added a new combat feature called Clan Wars.  A method for one clan to have a war with another clan, instead of just going out and randomly attacking some stranger, who was just hanging around, probably trying to save up enough elixir to upgrade his spell factory, when out of the blue somebody comes along and steals about 100,000 units, wipes out his defenses and smashes up all of his stuff.  Kind of a rude thing, but it is a brutal game, in a way.  Now, though, you can attack a member of the other clan and smash and grab and steal and destroy, and it is just a mirror village, and he doesn't really lose anything, I don't think.  So there are a lot of benefits.   But, our first clan war, when I tried to scout my first opponent it wouldn't let me, plus it wouldn't let me attack, or anything else to help the clan's war effort.  A little research (again, on the internet) told me that it was just a bug, and restarting the game would allow attacks, though, it was a blind attack against an enemy of unknown strength.  Which kind of sucked.  It was a bug, and the next upgrade (which came very quickly) fixed it.

Countless times during the day we encounter things that don't seem quite right.  Things that might give pause, consternation, or anger.  These occurrences often come unexpectedly, during the commute, at work,  anywhere, they will pop up, and you will think, "huh, that is odd."

They happen all of the time, they are only software glitches.  We are working to straighten them out as quickly as possible, and apologize for any inconvenience.  We appreciate your patience.

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