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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Komodo, a great dragon but not a really good vacation.

In the Bronx Zoo they have built a new Komodo Dragon exhibit.  It was designed to replicate the Island of Komodo, making the giant lizards feel more at home.  Carving, and painting the rocks from poured concrete to mimic the shape of the naturally occurring shapes found on the animals native Island.  It is very impressive, and should provide visitors with a unique opportunity to view the amazing creatures in a manner that is both realistic and safe.  Trust me, visiting the Komodo Dragons on their home island is a risky proposition.

For one thing, Indonesia (Komodo is in Indonesia) is a long way from here.  I would like to apologize to any Indonesian members of the Life Explained Universe, it is probably much closer to you.  Which leaves you a couple of options, taking a plane, or taking a boat, (for the purposes of this post we will assume that all machines built to carry people or things across the water are boats, and I would like to offer my apologies to anyone who builds, or or is employed on, ships) neither of which is probably a very good idea.   Remember the old saying "if God had wanted man to fly He would not have made it so awfully dangerous."  What is lesser known is that before the Wright brothers made their awful mistake people had a very similar saying about sailing.

Then there is the problem of tropical rain forests.  They are glorious, wonderful, diverse, necessary systems that are vital to the continued existence of man.  Filled with beauty and undiscovered variety they are truly magnificent examples of Mother Nature.  Hidden in the dark, humid confines, though, are venomous snakes, and spiders, waiting for a misstep, and you are being rushed to an Indonesian hospital, hanging onto life, and thinking, "dang, I should have listened to Tim."

Also, Komodo Dragons are huge lizards with what is reported to be a nasty disposition.  They are ambush predators with toxic saliva, and surprising speed, and this could make for a nasty end to an otherwise terror filled vacation of flying and avoiding venomous creatures.
Hey, stranger, come here often?

Komodo Dragons are magnificent animals, almost beautiful, and everybody who has the
opportunity to visit a zoo with a Komodo Dragon exhibit should take advantage of the chance.  I made my wife go all the way to Cincinnati to the zoo to see one, and it was worth the trip.  And if there is a bucket to offer a small donation, please give your spare change, it is a good thing.

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