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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Second "New" Beginning of the Week.

As reported earlier I recently added a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to the assortment of tools used in daily life, and the manufacture and distribution of this and several other blogs, social media accounts, and idea creation and storage enterprises.  It takes a lot of hardware, an iPhone, and iPad, a desktop computer, and a new tablet, laptop combination called the Surface Pro 3.  But, all of this circuitry, plastic, aluminum, glass, and all of the alchemy involved in turning electronic impulses into profound, unique ideas requires an enormous amount of software to support the magic.

However, these software packages do not recognize me as the owner of all these wonderful ideas stored in various "clouds" scattered around the skies and across the horizon along the information superhighway.  So, after loading all of the idea creation, sentence generating, picture distorting, and page storage programs on my new tablet / laptop wonder machine it was time to start logging in to all of the various services.  

AARRGGHHHHH!!!  Who can possibly remember which email account was used for these packages, let alone the passwords associated with each one.  Once you are logged in on your iPhone, or iPad, or computer, it is done,, you just stay logged in unless something odd happened.  Now, I had to trudge the endless, inescapable quagmire of safety, and security.  

I am all for intellectual property ownership, if you have any intellect, and anybody who has been reading my blog knows that I have no real concerns.  Even worse, though, than figuring which email was used, and resetting the password, many times, these sites would make me enter some barely discernible sequence of numbers and letters in a little box before letting me view and edit my ideas (if that is the right word).  I think it is all set now, though.

I'm afraid that spells big trouble for my foe +Mike Raven from The Blog of Thog, a Man, a Camera, a Legend.  I have storyboarded my next video in our furious battle for video production supremacy.

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