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Friday, August 8, 2014

An Important National Debate.

It is almost time, you can feel it in the air, step out the door, look around, and it is everywhere.  Drama, suspense, tension, intrigue, it is almost more than a nation can bear.  That's right folks, it almost time to decide who will perform during half time of the Super Bowl.  Not that it really matters, after that scintillating performance at half time last year by... (hey, does anybody remember who did the halftime show during the Super Bowl last year?  No, well that's ok, (note to self, fire research department)).  Ok, it was easy to forget when a person considers how exciting the game was between... (hey, do any of you remember who played in the Super Bowl last year?  No, well that's ok (note to self, DVR Super Bowl this year)).

Right now, it appears that it is a tight race between Weird Al Yankovic and anybody else, with anybody else holding a decisive edge.  But, that does not stop the rancorous, venomous debate.  Things are really heating up, and the opposing sides are looking increasingly violent.

An unnamed source in Congress said they are debating whether to intervene in the decision, and whether to have lunch at 11:30 or 12:00, and whether to set the thermostat at 72 degrees, or 75 degrees.  Plus,  they are debating the best route to the rest room, and which restroom has the best towels, and which movie deserves the Oscar for best picture this year.  Plus, they are debating if the junior senator from Oregon should sit in the 9th or 10th row, and where to get the best coffee, and Danish in the capitol.  In fact, according to almost everybody who is not in Congress they can not agree on, or accomplish, anything.  And both sides are looking increasingly violent.

The debate rages on, there is no end in sight, kind of like the Super Bowl half time show.  Remember, no matter how little it actually means to you personally, take a side, join the melee, lose your temper and be rude.  You might get elected.

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