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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Exciting news from the world of electronics.

As many of you know I am an unabashed iPhone user.  It is a fantastic little device, fun, flexible, and it fits in my pocket.  It is powerful, portable, and filled with potential, it is unique in design, thoughtfully, and carefully developed...  Well, you get the idea, I really like my iPhone (it is an iPhone 5, by the way).  It was exciting reading the releases detailing the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Even Better Version (I can't really remember what the designation was).  Clearly Apple and the iPhone are heading in the correct direction.

Which is to say, it is getting bigger, that is the wave of smart phones, bigger, and bigger.  These companies want us to abandon our puny little devices that fit so comfortably in our pocket, for these ever expanding behemoths.  "Introducing the New Samsung Jumbotron!  Watch television, surf the internet, or stream the game and check the scores with your family, and friends, and a few strangers from the street, with the monstrous, new Samsung Jumbotron."

But, what happened to the day when all of the cool people had tiny cell phones?  When a sure sign of success was the biggest SUV, and the tiniest little cell phone, what of those days?  How do we reconcile that?

Everything Old Is New Again.
With the new Smart Wear, that's how.  Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony and maybe more are introducing watches that will act like phones, I think, and let you perform certain computer functions, Dick Tracy like, right on your watch.  Yes, friends, you will be able to foil the nefarious plans of Sal Monella, Hammer Head, and Nicky the Assassin, all while looking sleek, dapper and trendy, without ever having to remove your cell phone from your pocket.  Well, maybe not that much like Dick Tracy.  But, he could never read his email on his watch, and you probably can't either, but you can do something smart on your watch, maybe, I'm not really sure.

Clearly, the trend is bigger is better, and smaller and wearable is better, too.  I guess, now you can have it all, big, gaudy and extravagant, and small, sleek, expensive, and a little pointless.  No need to choose anymore.  Isn't technology wonderful.

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