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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Coming Soon

The world is a big place, and it holds a lot of people.  Many of these people have different beliefs, values and traditions.  All of which are important, and have merit, all of which should be respected, and allowed to flourish.  Of course, all of these different cultures, and dogmas can occasionally lead to conflict.  It leads a gentle soul to anguish, and mourning the time wasted with bigotry and dogma.  What if more time were spent trying to understand each other, accept each other, and welcome each other?  What then, would the world be a happier place, would  people spend their energy in the service of greater good?  Who knows?

To that end, Life Explained is going to take one small step and explain to the world why football, as played, watched, adored, hated, and obsessed over in America is such a remarkable game.  Why it is so transformational, entertaining and beloved that everybody should learn to scream "off tackle dive play on third and four, what kind of *$*#()#** idiot would call that play?!?!?!!!" at their television, and how that kind of behavior can save the world from anger and hate.

"Cue the music"
To do this we are writing a compelling, moving, beautifully crafted essay on the values imparted by regimented team play, and insanely compulsive attention to detail, and, of course storming up and down the sidelines berating officials, players, fans, mascots, and cheerleaders.  We are going to explain how a "cover two" defense with a "will blitz package" may actually end war.  And we are going to have a video, with music.

To complement this wonderful, selfless act of charity we have partnered with the good people of The Blog Of Thog, who are going to attempt to explain how football to the rest of the world, soccer to Americans, is really a game with strategies, and intrigue, and has the potential to allow for the all important screaming at a television set.  And he is going to add a video production of inestimable value.  Also, rumor has it that there is a new animation program in the Blog of Thog headquarters, so there may be some remarkable special effects.

As you can see there is a lot of buzz around the ol' blogosphere in the near future.  So, get the popcorn, nachos and beer ready, break out the high definition large screen tablets, and get ready.

In unrelated news, our search for a celebrity spokesperson is still underway.  We have "broadened" standards to include radio hosts, and people who have been a contestant on Jeopardy, and we are not requiring that they won.  If you meet that criteria, are willing to work for free, with the possibility of a big payday when we syndicate, and don't want to have any control on content, please contact us at ""

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