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Sunday, September 7, 2014

PS, sort of.

As a small addition to today's post about the Cornhuskers I should mention that +Mike Raven  the genius behind The Blog Of Thog!, a blogger, and videographer without equal, are combining for a multi-media football sensation.

We are going to detail the two footballs, the kind watched here in the US, and the kind watched everywhere else in the world.

I will be representing football, enjoyed, and agonized over in the United States, and Mike will be providing crucial insight into the football enjoyed and rioted over in the rest of the world.

Being experienced bloggers, as we are, provides keen insight into the respective games, and the nuances, and minutiae involved in the successful execution of a plan as devised by a highly paid coach, and implemented by extravagantly talented players.  Maybe, or maybe we will just guess, or make up some stuff.

Anyway, it is one less post that needs to be dreamed up over a second cup of coffee.  Now you have something to gleefully anticipate.  Maybe.

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