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Monday, September 8, 2014

A little help, please.

Last night the moon was huge, it looked as if it were dropping in for a visit, maybe a danish, coffee, and the morning news.  It was even a little intimidating to look at, it was so big.  How small and insignificant these things make humanity seem, the world that surrounds us, and the universe that surrounds that, it is mystifying, grandiose and infinite.  And we are a small, pointless little infestation, filled with self importance and ego, sure of our infallibility, and our place in the universe.  Which is why we invented television

Ah, the joys of television, the guilty pleasure of watching Dr. Phil bring the hammer down on some poor schmuck, all while thinking, "what a moron.  I am way smarter than that dunce."  Maybe so.  Dr, Phil too real for you?  Try "reality television," it is completely divorced from reality.  Watching reality television is a little like watching professional wrestling, shifting alliances, well documented subterfuge, and sabotage, and the slight chance for an occasional injury.  Injuries, and Machiavellian intrigue in front of film crew, a microcosm of the human experience.  If this is not sounding like your cup of TV, don't give up yet.

There is televised sports, a sure fire escape, and if the game is not enough you can tune into a sports programming television network, and listen to them talk about sports all day long, into the night, and into the next day.  Lose yourself in high lights, and endless, explosive description of games that are already over.  It is a love/hate relationship without hope for escape. Everybody who watches sports with any frequency can tell you exactly why a team lost.  And it never involves the simple explanation, "wow, that team was a lot bigger, stronger, and faster than my team."  Deep inside every sports fan is a hall of fame coach, just one small break from a million dollar contract, a series of championships, and the love of all those adoring fans.

You might be asking yourself, "where is all this mindless, pointless drivel going?"  If so, you are probably new to this blog, but there is a point.  I have a showdown, with pride, and national identity on the line, well maybe not national identity, or pride, but a showdown, with +Mike Raven, from The Blog of Thog, about football, American Style, versus Football, the rest of the world style, which is, sort of, a continuation of our video production death match, and I find myself lacking any decent football video, that is not copyrighted or protected, and is free to use, I would hate to pirate anything, and end up breaking rocks in the "big house."  If you have any please email me at ", or just let me know where to find it by putting in a link in the comment section.

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