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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hey, can you help a dog in need?

This is my friend, the dog, at work.  As is obvious from this picture he is a good looking dog, and pretty darned smart, too.  He is also very friendly, and is really just a lot of fun to be around, a good friend, indeed.  But, he lacks basic verbal skills that are crucial to successful understanding, he can't talk.  And sometimes he looks at me, with those expressive, intelligent eyes, and I can't help but wonder what he is thinking.  

Now, through the miracle of the, patent pending, Life Explained Dog Thought Visualization DeviceÔ we can see what is on his mind.  As you can see, he is thinking of a nice, foamy delicious latte, with a wolf pattern.  What a delicious, delightful, way to start your day. 

Of course, we are all thinking a little more about coffee these days, knowing that +Mike Raven from the The Blog of Thog! is amassing an army of tea drinkers, a mob of tea drinkers, (I am not sure whether a large, potentially violent group of tea drinkers would be an army, a mob, a swarm, a pack or a gang, any advice here would be greatly appreciated, thank you), and they are bent on world domination.  And somebody needs to take a stand.  

It is time for everybody to take a stand.  So rush over here and voteVote early, vote often, and come up with a compelling reason why your drink of choice should be chosen by everyone, everywhere, all the time.  Use the hashtag #HOTDRINKDAY, even if you want something cold, and refreshing, we are not fussy.

Remember, it is your duty.

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