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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Broken phones, but our dreams live on.

Our microwave oven has stopped working, and we need to replace it.  It is not as simple as wanting, it is a matter of need. Living without a microwave is nothing that should be attempted in the modern world. That is the plan we are gearing up to execute. My wife has consulted Consumer Reports, and we have decided. She said "this model is rated the 'best buy,'" or something like that.  I said OK.

We are going to do a carbo load (maybe some toast) and juice up with caffeine (coffee for me, Diet Coke for my wife), and tackle the world of electronics stores. Or department stores, or Costco, I am not sure. Either way, we are going shopping, which can be better than a trip to the zoo.  As Graham Parker, one of my heroes said, (we will return to our music series soon, but hey there is a music video at the end, so this counts, sort of)

"I know it seems like we're in a cage, but we ain't the animals."

Personally, I am going to try to steer the trip towards Best Buy, where I can lay down some subtle, irresistible hints about swinging by the mobile phone department and grabbing a hold of an iPhone 6.  Turns out our contract is expired, and as my friend Bil, (with one L) said cell phones are designed to last as long as a contract, then they begin to self destruct.

Interestingly enough, Bil's (with one L) contract expires in two short weeks, actually, the weeks are just normal weeks, with 7 days, and his phone could not wait.  It leaped out of his sweatshirt pocket and threw itself on the parking lot. We take great pride in having a sturdy, solid parking lot. It is featured prominently on the website.

Bil's phone leaped from his pocket, did a back flip, a side tuck, and a complicated aerial maneuver that looked as if it were trying to steer itself away from Bil's flailing, grabbing hands, and smashed screen first onto the rock solid surface of the parking lot.

Which means for the next two long weeks actually, they are just regular length weeks, but to Bil they will seem interminable, as he tries to swipe across his cracked, disintegrating screen without slicing his finger open. We have stocked up on antibiotic cream and bandages just to be safe.

In honor of Bil's phone, and my newest subscriber on YouTube (Half Click Studios, maker of the ingenious Cam Animate, a wonderful app that has taken it's place on my Wall of Fame) I have made this little video with dancing, music, and a broken phone.

So, enjoy the video, and buy the app, Cam Animate, and tell Half Click Studios I sent you, and wish me, and my friend Bil (with one L) good luck.  New phones for my men, barkeep.

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