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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Videos, Hot Tuna and Memorial Day, Life is alright.

One week from today, actually a week from Monday, is Memorial Day. It is a very solemn day for many good reasons. Most of which I ignore, I am excited by the three day weekend. I like my job, and right now it is pretty easy, but a three day weekend is a gift from the gods of leisure. It is a holiday provided through the beneficence of the US government, which almost makes me a little sorry for all of the bad things I've said about them over the years, almost.

But, my plans involve yard work, a trip to the gym, and a new video about going to the gym.  I have been working on the various sequences, and effects, and transitions.  It is going to be great, I just bought The Greatest Hits by Hot Tuna. So there will be cool music, if you like Hot Tuna.

Speaking of Hot Tuna, Jorma Kaukonen is from Ohio, and runs a guitar camp in southern Ohio. Which is cool if you want to play guitar with a legend and you can make it to southern Ohio.

Another interesting Hot Tuna fact, one time time when were visiting family in Sioux City Iowa, and we were staying at the Stony Creek hotel. We happened to be there during a festival, I think it is called Awesome Biker Nights, and Hot Tuna was playing at the festival, and stayed in the same hotel. Which is kind of cool.

I went to get some ice, and actually saw them come in to the lobby. It was a little sad, because they could hardly walk, they looked exhausted, touring as often and as long as they have takes a toll I guess. Still it was cool, if you like Hot Tuna, and happened to be in the lobby. If you were I didn't see you, sorry about that I wasn't ignoring you.

So, I will be busy as will Jorma Kaukonen, and I am sure you have things to do. But, if you see me say hello, and if you are Jorma Kaukonen thanks for all the great music, maybe I will run into you again, and that would be very cool.

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