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Friday, July 8, 2016

A note about the week that was,

Sunday was our first day back from vacation. Monday was the 4th of July. Tuesday was my first day back at work. It is always hard to go back to work. But, this week was murder. There were inbound shipments, three of them in three days. Which is more than my tiny warehouse can manage. So, we are filled to the roof with boxes of product.

On Monday there was an item on a national morning show about one of our products. A spatula that is shaped like an American flag. It comes in different colors, three of which are red, white, and (you are never going to get this one) blue. The designer passed away recently from cancer and proceeds are being donated to research to find a cure for this terrible disease.

But, when you combine the patriotic imagery, the opportunity to support such a noble cause and the relatively small cost of the spatulas you create a hurricane of need, the perfect storm of opportunity. Orders poured in, buckets of orders. Which is why I may have missed posts from my favorite group of bloggers in the world, you guys.

We were buried under orders. Combined with the shipments it was an excruciating week. A relentless, harried, untrammeled barrage of work. Somehow we managed to tread water long enough we didn't drown, and now there is light at the end of the tunnel, or a train barreling down the tracks ready to crush our dreams of a pleasant weekend. Either way will be all right, change is good.

A quick note regarding water. Until my recent vacation in the lovely town of Holden Beach, I had always thought the ocean was this crystal clear, window to another world. A transparent look into the lives of marine animals.

Which made me wonder how people allowed a shark to bite them at all. In my fantasy you would see a shark swimming hungrily toward you, and have a few seconds to plan your move and get away free.

I, of course, had plotted mine well ahead of time. It was a Kiki Vandewehge juke move, like when he was in college and still able to pull move quickly. I would make the shark think I had panicked and was heading for deeper water. At the last minute I would turn and sprint safely to shore. Laughing all the way.

Turns out you can hardly see your feet in the pounding waves. Whenever the tide would drag something across my foot, a shell, a piece of seaweed, anything at all I would make a mad dash to the shore, hoping for the best. And, it worked. I managed to avoid sharks for 7 straight days. I laugh in your face, Mr. Apex Predator.

Now, I need to get back to work, we aren't home and dry yet.

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