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Friday, June 23, 2017

Aliens, Charity and Water,

There are a lot of questions involved in searching for intelligent extraterrestrial life.  Will finding life out there offer any comfort?  Will it ever be found?  What if alien life is not polite, and decides to just take over our little blue green planet?  Would that suck, or what?  We spend all of that money, and some advanced life form, armed, dangerous, and cranky takes over, and it is all our fault, what then?

Even if they turn out to be decent folk, and just want to trade recipes, maybe play cards, or catch a movie together, maybe borrow the mower, or the hedge trimmer.  Imagine the implications to the religious, or spiritual beliefs of the worlds inhabitants.  It would have a catastrophic effect on our collective psyche, spreading doubt, and fear, mistrust, and xenophobic paranoia.  OK so that wouldn't change that much, certainly not for the better.

So, if there are any life forms out there thinking about stopping by, saying hello, maybe you could swing by ComFest tomorrow from three to five and buy a bottle of water from me. All proceeds go to the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless. And if you want, I will even autograph it for you. Free of charge. It is a good cause.

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