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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Blog Feud, part B

England, Great Britain, The United Kingdom, while I have never been there I do know a little. I know, for example, that they do have potato chips, they call them crisps. Well, that might be the extent of my knowledge, I guess. 

But, when it comes to bloggers the island nation is second to no other island in the world. Except maybe Manhattan, there are some fine bloggers there. And Japan has produced some outstanding bloggers. Oh, and the Maldives, and the Philippines, Singapore, New Guinea, and New Zealand turn out some fine blogs, too. So, it seems there is a fair amount of competition for Island Blogging Capitol of the world

Actually, I enjoy one blog from Great Britain quite a bit, I use it to wrap my fish and chips. And if folded properly it can produce some wonderful paper airplanes, and in a pinch they can be used to sop up spilled coffee. And I spill a lot of coffee. Plus if you set your donut on it, it really cuts down on the sugar or glaze on your desk. Of course, you will want to print it out for these uses, if you set your donut on your laptop and your wife gets angry it is your own fault.

So, if you want to visit England, or whatever they call it, please make sure to take your own potato chips and a supply of blogs (we recommend the Life Explained Family of Blogs), you will need them. 

Unfortunately I had to type this on my old computer, my iPad Pro will not be in until next week. At which point this blog will become so entertaining you will have to look away.

Here is a gratuitous movie for my iPhone, think how splendid it will be when I have the power and sophistication of an iPad Pro. How about that Mike, a video?

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