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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Health Care for the Rich and Famous

There is a belief that if you devise and execute a plan you are making progress. If the plan does not seem to be working it is simply a matter of altering the method of measurement. Looking long enough there is always a way to find some scrap of evidence to support any choice. Of course, the problem with this is the evidence, no matter how superficial, or stupid becomes the proof that things are swimming right along. And then, no matter how flawed idea it becomes a victim of its own proof.

Of course the republican health care bill doesn't have this problem. There is no proof at all that it will work. All evidence indicates that the Affordable Health Care plan is working well, and this does not come from elected officials, who are the last people we should turn to for proof, but from health care providers, groups responsible for the care of the infirm, the mentally ill, veterans groups, those that need help the most.

But, it does have the overwhelming support of the wealthy, and that is what makes democracy work.

I would like to think mankind is better than this. But I would be wrong.

So, grab onto everything you can, no matter who you have to take it from, it is the american way.

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