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Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Good Reason To Vacation in Louisville

A house is surrounded by spiderwebs next to flood waters in Wagga Wagga March 6, 2012.
Oh my, how peaceful.
It isn't often you get to see an Australian farm field blanketed in a chilling frost, or snow.  It is rare scene when you can think "Australia, man that place is cool."  A peaceful, scene that would make John Audubon smile, and ask for a cup of hot coffee, a visage of pristine, unspoiled beauty.  Sadly this is not one of those times.

REUTERS/Daniel Munoz
This is a scene from your worst, Australian nightmare, 1000's of "Wolf Spiders" (of course, WOLF Spiders, what did you expect, "Poodle Spiders?") running away from a flood, and all of the man eating Crocodiles and other dangerous, marine creatures (please see stonefish, box jelly fish, blue ringed octopus and even the cute, yet odd looking platypus will stick you enough venom to make you wish you had never heard of the Land Down Under), not too mention the possibility of drowning.  Though, in Australia that may be the best thing a person can hope for.

According to the National Post;

"The Australian Museum’s entomology collections manager Graham Milledge said the spiders’ behavior was known as ballooning, and was typical after spiders are forced to flee from floods.

“They often do it as a way of dispersing and getting into a new area,” Milledge told the website. “In an event like this, they are just trying to escape the floods.”
Sydney’s Taronga Zoo said Australia’s spider population has boomed in the wet weather"

Honestly, Australia is a big place, with a lot of wide open spaces, hundreds and hundreds of miles without anything or anyone, and they decide to stop at this guys house and set up shop.  Why?  Maybe they are just jerks.  Maybe, Australian creatures think they own the place.  Perhaps they just think it is a lovely place with a wonderful view.

Remember, when planning your next trip to Australia don't go during rainy seasons, and whatever you do don't go visit this guy.

Brought to you by the Australian Ministry of Tourism.