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Monday, April 29, 2013

I was not disappointed.

Friday, I bought "Elvis Club" by the Del Lords.  It was kind of a torturous decision.  Should I buy it should I wait.  Would it match the passion, and anger of "Johnny Comes Marching Home" or the disillusioned melancholy of "Based on a True Story," would it be The Del Lords I remembered?  I listened to those old albums, looking for guidance, and they seemed to say "give it a go," so I did and it was great advice.

After one weekend with the album I am very grateful for the purchase.  The Del Lords have not lost their edge, they have matured a bit perhaps, but they have not mellowed and they still rock and roll.  The premise is still a hammering, concussive back beat, with driving, thrashing guitars and angry, yearning lyrics.  And you know what, that kind of anger is a beautiful thing, it is cathartic, and it reminds a person that there are still important things in life.  That is still time to live, and to leave the growing old to someone else.

It is not a retread of music already made, it is a new album with a new sound and plenty of fight all on it's own.  But, it is still a walk down a path that has led to many surprising discoveries.  If you don't understand that bit, it is ok, I wrote it and I don't get it, but it sounded all music review, so I left it.  Hey, if you're going to write a critique it might as well sound a little ethereal, right.

Call this music what you want, Americana, roots rock, rock-a-billy, it doesn't matter to me, (I just call it rock and roll).  Just check it out, enjoy the music, and then you can thank me later.  When we all step into the land of the cool and the crazy.

Oh, and by the way, stop The Del Lords Facebook page, and tell them it is time to start working on the next album, they will listen to you, you have such kind eyes.